5.2 – Cinema and Technologies of Movement

Full Issue 5.2 PDF.

  1. Philippe Bédard, Jordan Gowanlock, Theo Stojanov – Introduction to Cinema and Technologies of Movement
  2. Gert Jan Harkema – ‘Move as if Alive_. The Kinematograph as Unstable Technology of Movement and its Impact on the Spectator
  3. Philippe Bédard – The Protean Camera
  4. Jennifer Ann Zale – Ballet’s Influence on the Development of Early Cinema and the Technological Modification of Dance Movement
  5. Jordan Schonig – Seeing Aspects of the Moving Camera. On the Twofoldness of the Mobile Frame
  6. Hrishikesh Ingle – Early Marathi Cinema. Prabhat Studios and Social Respectability
  7. Kyla Rose Smith – Invisible Labour. Re-examining the Aesthetics of Sound Design in 1970s American Cinema
  8. Lola Rémy – When Curating Meets Film Theory. Philippe-Alain Michaud’s Sur le film
  9. Oslavi Linares Martinez – Wandering into the Space of Imagination
  10. Jordan Gowanlock – Archaeology of the Digital