5.1 – Humorous Disruptions: Laughter and Technologies of Disruption in Feminist Film and Media

Full Issue 5.1 PDF.

1. Desirée de Jesús, Rachel Webb Jekanowski, Tess McClernon – Introduction to Humorous Disruptions: Humour and Technologies of Disruption in Feminist Film and Media
2. Kirsten Leng – When Politics Were Fun. Recovering a History of Humour in U.S. Feminism
3. Paul Michael Babiak – ‘Shame Yourself.’ 1950s American Television and the Discreet Disruptions of Gertrude Berg
4. Najmeh Moradiyan Rizi – The Acoustic Screen. The Dynamics of the Female Look and Voice in Abbas Kiarostami_s Shirin
5. Aditi Ohri, Xander Selene – This Is Not a Joke. Review of ‘Performing Praxis Roundtable
6. Jillian Helena Vasko – Medusa’s Laugh. Relief or Resistance
7. Maxime Deslongchamps-Gagnon – Une critique de Films and Games. Interactions
8. Kristi Kouchakji – Reading for Knowledge and Pleasure. Re-evaluating Forbidden Love
9. Lisa Irene Aalders – Watching Gender Through An Austere Lens
10. Jacob Jones Bagshaw – Disruption Through Laughter. Sans Blague-No Joke at the MAC