4.2 – Locating the Intimate within the Global: Xavier Dolan, Queer Nations and Québec Cinema

1. Kester Dyer, Andrée Lafontaine, Fulvia Massimi – Introduction

2. Fulvia Massimi – ‘A Boy’s Best Friend is His Mother.’ Quebec’s Matriarchy and Queer Nationalism in the Cinema of Xavier Dolan

3. Jason R. D’Aoust – Les voix queers dans Mommy de Xavier Dolan

4. Julie Ravary – Pouvoir et déclin de l’intime. Films postréférendaires, identités genrées et identités sexuelles

5. David Hanley – Conceptualizing Quebec Cinema. Denys Arcand’s Cycle of Post-Referendum Films as Case Study

6. Kester Dyer, Andrée Lafontaine, Fulvia Massimi – Interview with Bill Marshall

7. Christina Brassard, Katrina Sark, Angela Urrea, Mariana Gil-Arboleda – Lectures croisées et pistes de réflexions autour de Laurence Anyways

8. Clinton Glenn – The True (Homonational) North, Strong and Free

9. Meredith Slikfin – The Lure of an Ever-Elusive Global Melodrama

10. Justin H. Langlois – Digging Up a Decade. Unearthing the Relevance of 1940s Horror

11. Parichay Patra – Confused Auteurism. What Has Adoor Gopalakrishnan Got to Do With It

12. Bradley Warren – On Heroines, High Heels and Hierarchies. Challenging the 68th Festival de Cannes_ ‘Year Off_

13. Adam Szymanski – Cinemalaya 2015. A Decade of Philippine Independent Cinema