3.2 – Other Networks: Expanding Film Festival Perspectives

1. Papagena Robbins, Viviane Saglier – Introduction

2. Norbert Bakker – Utopian Film Festivals. Space, Content and Business Matters in Early Online Film Festivals

3. Germain Lacasse – Chasse au Godard d’Abbittibbi. Chronotope d’une culture cinématographique régionale

4. Papagena Robbins, Viviane Saglier – Interview with Deirdre Haj, Director of Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

5. Papagena Robbins, Viviane Saglier – Interview with Ezra Winton, Director of Programming at Cinema Politica

6. Catherine Russell – DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. Film, Peace, and the Cold War Industry

7. Antoine Damiens – Queer Cannes, On the development of LGBTQ awards at A-list festivals

8. Susan Santha Kerns – From Calling “Action” to Community Action The Milwaukee Film Festival_s Conversation Series

9. Will Fech – Coming Soon to a Festival Near You. Programming Film Festivals